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Supporting Local Businesses and Charities 🙂

Justü Digital offers a straight forward consulting experience for local businesses, by providing quality websites, and digital marketing solutions tailored to individual business needs.

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Justü Digital brings originality and creativity to local businesses by building websites and providing digital marketing solutions.

Professional Web Design

Does your business need a new website designing & building, or have you got an old website that needs reshaping into something amazing that will impress your current customers and bring you new ones? Well you've come to the right place...

At Justu Digital we offer a unique design experience for local businesses, by providing complete transparency, step by step communication, and guidance throughout your project, so you get the best looking and functioning website you business deserves.


Make sure your customers can find your amazing new website fast!

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Get found on Google

We know how important it is to you that your customers can search for you, and find you on Google and other search engines quickly. At Justu Digital we make sure that you will appear high up in Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), but also have a strong Google Profile so customers can quickly see your best reviews, business location and contact details before deciding to visit your website.

Quick Tip: Other search engines that you might not know about appearing in to help spread your name are Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckgo.  

Marketing Consultancy

So, you're websites built, you're appearing on Google, then what? Trends change, what your customers search for changes over time, your website is going to need new content, and your'e going to want to know which pages are gaining the most attention and why?

At Justu Digital we offer a continuous digital marketing consultancy experience by working closely with you over time we can help to maintain and improve your website, social media posts, paid ads, business citations, and overall online presence.

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The Proof is in the Pudding

There are few things as rewarding as a successful collaboration that solves a challenge.

Check out what our clients are saying about working with Justü Digital.


Dudley Students' Union

Justu Digital (Alex) originally built us a quality website that helped grow students interest in the Students' Union.


He is now helping our apprentice maintain the website along with increasing our overall online presence. Social media management, Email Marketing, and Graphic design are other areas that he has helped us in.


He has also helped with the print side of things including logos, business cards, and pop-up shops.


I would highly recommend Justu Digital especially if your a local business or small business looking to grow.


James Price's Garage

Alex has been a god send for our business.

We had our advertising with another well know company and was never treated very well, they just wanted the money.

After finding Alex and asking him to help us, he transformed our advertising by creating an amazing website and guiding us through it step-by-step. We have now asked Alex to help us go further with our business advertising with Facebook/Google etc. We would highly recommend him to anyone and we wouldn't be without him.

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