Digital Marketing Consultancy for local businesses

Digital Marketing based in Telford, Newport, Shropshire and across the whole of the UK. 

So, you're websites built, you're appearing on Google, then what? Trends change, what your customers search for changes over time, your website is going to need new content, and your'e going to want to know which pages are gaining the most attention and why?

At Justu Digital we offer a continuous digital marketing consultancy experience by working closely with you over time we can help to maintain and improve your website, social media posts, paid ads, business citations, and overall online presence.

Check out some of our existing customers who we provide Digital Marketing Consultancy to:

We try and keep our Digital Marketing Consultancy pricing simple and transparent for our customers which is why we don't want to surprise you with any sort of expensive bill without us getting to know you and your business first.

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