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Dudley Students' Union is currently going through a brand & website update with us so this project will be updated soon.

Dudley Students' Union

Dudley Students' Union are a non-profit organisation and independent organisation separate from Dudley College of Technology.

Dudley SU were missing a digital presence and had a lack of online engagement with students, staff, and other external bodies who wanted to work with them.


They decided Justu Digital was right for the job. With a clear sight of who their target audience, I was ready to take on the challenge of building DSUs website and digital presence.

Dudley Students' Union Website

Adding some Colour

Along with creating a new website, Justu Digital introduced a new color palette to the brand.

These new brand colors are carried over to print as well as digital assets.

Google Logo

Google Profile

Dudley Students' Union has a Google Profile which helps point users in the direction of their website whilst also proving important information about their business such as; working hours, product lists, imagery and reviews.

Visit Dudley Students' Union Google Profile Here


Do you need a Google Profile setting up and maintaining? Or do you have a Google Profile setup and need some help keeping it up to date? Get in touch

Dudley Students' Union Google Profile
Dudley Students' Union Facebook Page

Social Media Management

I have helped  organise Dudley Students' Unions social media platforms which include Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr, whilst also introducing them to Instagram.


Their Facebook page and Instagram pages have continued to gain followers. Their primary goals on social are to provide current information about important ongoing campaigns and events, linking back to the website whenever possible.

Get in touch today if your business needs social media management

Graphic Design

Since designing and producing print ready artwork for DSU they have seen more engagement at external events and have had more students and staff showing interest around the college campuses.


They have been trying to go for a more professional look and feel with their brand and designs whilst trying to maintain a sense of fun and excitement.


Some of the examples of printing that I have done for them are; Flyers, Business Cards, Posters, Pop up displays.

Dudley Students' Union Pop-up shop
Reporting Analytics

Accurate Reporting

Having customers visit your website is great, but knowing how to keep them coming back is even better.

At Justu Digital, we report on your websites analytics, this can range from how many people are visiting your site all the way through to how they are interacting with your site, what they like or don't like, and most importantly, the products they love to checkout.

We monitor Dudley Students' Union website analytics.

Do you want to know how to get more customers? 

Get in touch

Still not sure? Why not ask Dudley Students' Union a question about us?

Justu Digital work closely with Dudley Students' Union on a number of projects and have established a good working relationship with them.


But don't just take our word on it, check out their review of us, or even get in touch and ask them yourselves 👍

Get in touch with Dudley Students' Union today, and find out. what Justu Digital can do for you.

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