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Being a 100% Cookie Compliant Website using SEAL Metrics™️ in 2022.

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

SEAL Metrics™️ is a cookieless Web Analytics tool for Ecommerce and SaaS Marketers that need the source data behind each conversion to make decisions.

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SEAL Metrics™ is GDPR, CCPA, PECR and ePRIVACY Compliant

With GDPR, CCPA, PECR and ePRIVACY regulations alway changing, it is important for businesses large and small to keep up to date with recent cookie/privacy laws, and to make sure they are fully compliant.

As a growing digital partner to local businesses, it is vital that we (Justü Digital) keep on top of any updates in cookie/privacy laws, to help us lead the way in cookie compliance for local business.

Failure to properly make sure your website is GDPR, CCPA, PECR and ePRIVACY compliant can result in some pretty hefty fines, whilst also failing to keep customers data safe, which can result in you losing the trust of new or returning customers visiting your website.

Why should I use SEAL Metrics™️?

GDPR doesn't even apply to SEAL. All traffic is 100% anonymous and no personal data collected.

More and more GDPR Friendly cookieless Web Analytics tools are starting to appear across the web. After trialing multiple tools we decided that SEAL Metrics™️ was the right analytics tool for us.

Here are our top reasons why to choose SEAL Metrics™️ as your cookieless Web Analytics tool:

  • SEAL Metrics™ is GDPR, CCPA, PECR and ePRIVACY Compliant. Simply add a small bit of code onto your site, highlight that you're using SEAL Metrics™ within you cookie policy and you're good to go 👍. You don't even need customers to accept cookies to use SEAL Metrics™ as they're a cookieless analytics tool (If you are using SEAL Metrics™ as a complementary tool to Google Analytics, you still need to have the cookie consent banner. )

And the best bit... You get to keep 100% of your data, unlike other web analytics tools such as Google Analytics which only allows you to keep the data that users on your site agree to.


  • SEAL Metrics™ has a friendly user interface that quickly gives you access to all of your most important metrics, including but not limited to; the number of visitors, page views, traffic source, and devices used.

You can also set up events on your site e.g. form submissions, phone calls, scroll depth etc. to track exactly how customers interact and convert on your website.

The main difference with other cookieless solutions are the metrics beyond traffic such as Conversions/Revenue/Events per source/campaign/term/medium etc. Everyone is saying "100% of your traffic" but SEAL gives you 100% of all the good stuff

60% of cookie banners don't work and most marketers are not even aware of it.

SEAL Metrics™ provides excellent customer service, their team of cookie compliance experts can answer any questions you have around using the web analytics tool, along with having a variety of helpful blogs and reports available on their website.

If you want to see which cookies you already have on your site, you can use SEAL Metrics™ FREE Cookie Scanner.

Take a look at SEAL Metrics™ today and start your 7 Day Free Trial

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