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Rennard Permanent Cosmetics

Rennard Permanent Cosmetics is a permanent makeup artist local business based in Telford and operating across the UK.

Wendy is looking to grow her business by doing more with paid advertisement, social media assets and improving her existing websites SEO. 

Justu Digital has provided Wendy at Rennard Permanent Cosmetics with a coherent SEO plan focusing on keywords, long tail keywords/ frequently asked questions, and existing SERP rankings.

Check out the latest video Justu Digital have created for Rennard Permanent Cosmetics.

rennard video
Google Logo

Google Profile

Rennard Permanent Cosmetics has a Google Profile which helps point users in the direction of their website whilst also proving important information about their business such as; working hours, product lists, imagery and reviews.

View Rennard Cosmetics Google Profile Here


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Rennard Cosmetics Google Profile
Rennard Permanent Cosmerics Video

New Video and Social Imagery

Rennard Permanent Cosmetics are aiming to improve their social media content with improved imagery, videography and paid advertisement.

Justu Digital has created strong, and visually pleasing videos for Rennard Cosmetics, always making sure the key message of any campaign is clear and coherent.

Watch the valentines day campaign video here.

Get in touch today if your business needs a new video or social graphics.

Reporting your Websites Analytics

Having customers visit your website is great, but knowing how to keep them coming back is even better.

At Justu Digital, we report on your websites analytics, this can range from how many people are visiting your site all the way through to how they are interacting with your site, what they like or don't like, and most important what products their loving the most.

We monitor Rennard Cosmetics website analytics.

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Reporting Analytics
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